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Social Media and Home Security

Although the internet and social media have opened many doors for us to share our most memorable moments with friends and family, they can also place us at a much higher risk of being burgled if they are not used wisely and safely. In this article, we address the effect of online activity especially sharing something on social media.

Documenting our lives on social media has rapidly become the standard in today’s digital era, with the majority of people unable to go anywhere without posting a photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. Holidays and social media activity have become correlated over time. If you use social media, you can’t seem to avoid seeing airport “check-ins” on Facebook and beach pictures on Instagram if you’re a regular user.

Bragging about your outings and vacations on social media will potentially invite burglars to target your house. As a result, it’s important that you exercise caution while using social media when you’re away. Waiting until you return before sharing something and not tagging yourself in locations are two easy ways to accomplish this.

Below are some helpful tips for you to share memories and keep yourself safe.

Strangers should not be accepted as friends or followers. We are told as children not to speak to strangers, and the same is true online. Although accepting a follow or friend request isn’t the same as talking to someone, adding a stranger online can be risky because you’re basically sharing your life with someone you don’t know.

According to research, many burglars research their victims online before making a move, so you should only accept requests from people you know. Setting your accounts to private is a smart way to keep unwanted users off your social media.

Don’t brag on social media. There are a few that likes to brag about their luxury on social media sites. Sharing things like high-end automobiles, laptops, and clothing. Separately from being a little unpleasant, this urge to brag will land you in a lot of home security trouble, as burglars are likely to take a shine to your belongings and strike while you’re away.

Aside from expensive things, some people make the error of boasting about their home protection. While this might seem to be a good deterrent to criminals, it may actually make your home more susceptible to break-ins by giving burglars information on how your property is secured.

Enhance the security of your home. If you’re a frequent user of social media and often share images while on vacation, make sure your home security is up to par. We give free security update surveys at Chubb Locksmiths to help you improve the security of your home.

Having beefed-up security will take your mind off worrying about your home to focus more on your exciting journeys. Installing high-end devices and locks will definitely cover the weak points of your home security.

All in all, you can still post anything you want on the internet. As long as you do your duty to protect your home. If you need advise on how to do that, contact us. Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland boasts well-trained and well-equipped locksmiths, capable of providing high-quality service to all our customers. Give us a call and we will be there quickly.


Home Security for the Elderly

Good home security is a habit that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It also depends on the household, the number of people, their physical and mental health, and age. If you have elderly relatives or neighbors, ask whether they have addressed the basics of burglary prevention. There are steps that can be taken to ensure that our community’s elderly residents feel confident in the knowledge that their homes are as secure as possible.

Good security habits for seniors at home.  Any time they leave the house and at night, make sure the doors are locked with a deadlock. Locks should be installed on windows as well.  The British Standard should be met by all locks.  If you are worried that some of the security recommendations have been ignored, talk to them about it and offer to assist them in any way they need. It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

Why is home security so important for seniors? According to this report, pensioners who are burgled are more likely to die sooner than others. It’s such a depressing situation. Home protection for the elderly is a problem that should be prioritized and brought to the forefront of our minds. To protect the elderly in the community, a lot of help and care is needed. When old age and numerous ailments set in, the very least the elderly deserve is to feel secure in their own homes.

Security Support Networks for Seniors. For certain elderly citizens, ensuring adequate protection may be a challenging task. Here’s where you can get help and support. This includes some helpful hints about how to stay safe as well as contact information for organizations. If you call your local police department, for example, they can arrange for a crime prevention officer to come to your home and provide security advice as well as financial assistance. There is support available, and it is important that this knowledge be made available to those who need help.

Neighbourhood Watch. Neighbourhood watch programs are extremely beneficial to the whole community. Senior citizens quite often are the ones in the neighborhood who makes significant contributions to neighborhood watch programs. It’s important that we all work together to keep our eyes and ears open for suspicious activity. Take a moment to think about if the older people in your family or even your neighbourhood may require some support. It is important that we all look out for each other.

It is also important to save the number of a reputable and trustworthy locksmith. If you are in Northern Ireland, there is no other trustworthy locksmith company like Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland. Our goal is to provide high quality service to anyone who needs it, at a competitive price. Our locksmiths possess the skills needed and the equipment to better help our customers in any situation they are in. Whenever you need a locksmith, save our number.


Do I need a Safe?

The most valuable thing you possess is your home. Having a roof that does not leak, your windows close firmly, and your doors have working locks are some of the things you must do to keep your property safe. You might also have a security alarm system that will warn you if someone tries to enter your home without permission. Although those safeguards are effective against outside threats, you’ll want to beef up your protection for your items. The best way to improve your home’s security is to install a high-quality safe.

What is the purpose of having a Safe? A safe will protect your belongings not only from robbers but also from fire and water damage. Here are some reasons why you need a safe.

Heirlooms. Family heirlooms are items that have been passed down over generations. Family heirlooms may range from photographs of ancestors to monogrammed silverware, and they are rarely replaced if they are lost or destroyed. Keeping them in a home safe is an ideal way to protect them while still ensuring that they are passed on to the next generation.

Important Items.  Not everybody is comfortable storing their valuables in a bank’s safe deposit box. If you want easy access to your jewelry, watches, cash, collectible coins, stamps, and other valuables, storing them in a home safe is a great way to keep track of them and restrict access to them.

Important Paperwork. There are a variety of important documents that should be stored in a safe location where they can be easily located in the event that they are needed. Birth certificates, visas, marriage licenses, wills, diplomas, and professional degrees, business contracts, titles to your cars and electronic appliances, and all types of insurance plans are among these documents.

Guns. Holding your guns locked up is an excellent way to ensure that they do not pose a danger to any young children in your home or any other unlicensed gun owner. Too often, tourists or young family members simply want to handle a weapon without realizing the potentially fatal danger they pose.

How Owning A Safe Can Make Life Easier

We don’t have to purchase anything we see that is a great addition to our homes, but sometimes investing in products will help us in the long run. Having a safe does that.

Many of these things, such as passports or house keys, debit or credit cards, are replaceable, but doing so could take time and money. A car thief will not be able to steal your car from outside your home if your keys are in the safe. Having a safe will make life easier for the owner and help them avoid unfortunate situations.

How do I choose the most cost-effective safe? Safes come in a variety of grades, forms, and sizes to suit a variety of budgets. It is important to choose the best safe for your specific needs. If you’re looking to buy a safe in Northern Ireland, give us a call. We provide quality advice for people’s home security.

If you’ve settled on the best safe for you, you’ll want to think about where you can put it in your home. You don’t want to spend money on a safe just to make mistakes with both the location and methods of installation. Make certain to seek advice from a trained professional. Here in Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland, we provide quality service to our customers. Our locksmith possesses the skills and the equipment to get the job done. So, if you’re in Northern Ireland and you need a locksmith, don’t hesitate and call us right away.


Protect Your Business from Burglars

Crimes against businesses frequently come at a high cost to the victims. Aside from the loss of equipment and products, shop owners would almost certainly have to deal with the destruction caused by the burglar. This will include everything from shattered glass to broken locks and doors. As a result, it just makes sense to use the best security strategies available to reduce risks and help protect the company from burglary. This article contains a few pointers to get you started.

Consider doing a risk analysis. This is an ideal way to start strengthening the company’s anti-theft protection strategy and it will help you find any weaknesses. You already have an idea of how the company could be exposed, but keep in mind that it might only be the first part of their plan. Choose a consulting service that can provide you with reliable figures and advice to get a complete picture of the threats burglars can use to target your company.

To secure your business, replace or upgrade your locks. This is most common in the case of old locks or locks that do not meet British Standards. Set up a key scheme with a limited number of keys. Keys that are cut and clones of keys can only be made with your consent in a limited key scheme. This will help you to keep track of how many key copies are made to ensure the keys aren’t stolen or replicated. Add locks to your windows to make them more secure, particularly if they face a parking lot or alley. Install cabinet locks to keep confidential papers secure in file cabinets.

Utilize technology to protect your business. Company owners will now take advantage of a wide range of high-tech security technologies. You could install smart locks, surveillance cameras, and security alarms.

Smart Locks are electronic locks that allow access to be given remotely. Another important advantage of smart locks is that you would be able to keep track of when and by whom the doors were opened.

Surveillance cameras allow you to keep an eye on the premises and deters burglars from attempting to break into your company. Furthermore, surveillance cameras can prove to be extremely effective at deterring vandalism and trespassing.

Security alarms are well-known for their effectiveness in deterring intruders. We suggest that you have put up signage to alert passers-by of its location.

To summarize, there are a number of things you can do to secure your business from a potential burglar. However, don’t stop when you did everything stated above. Burglars are constantly devising new tactics and searching for new weaknesses in your scheme. To protect your company, you must remain one step ahead and perform daily check-ups. Your business’s security isn’t a thing you can deal with and forget on the same day. Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland provides this service and more to all you are in NI. Our locksmiths are well-trained and well-equipped with any problems that you may have. When you need a locksmith, give us a call and we will be there quickly.


Do I need to Change Locks?

The first line of defence in our home security is our doors. Keeping them in shape and working order will definitely keep you and your family safe. However, with daily use, they need to be maintained regularly. The question is, how do you know if you need to replace a lock? This article will explain the various types of situations where you need to replace your locks.

  1. Moving into a New Home

When you move to a new place, you should immediately replace all door locks as soon as possible. It would be better if you replaced them a day before moving there. This makes sure that former owners don’t get ideas of using their old keys to enter your home uninvited. Even if they gave the old key, it is very possible for them to have duplicate copies of the key, or even lost old keys. Replacing locks will beef up your home security and will discourage former owners to get any bad ideas.

  1. Damaged Locks

This is another reason to replace a lock. Old locks experience multiple uses which add damage over time. It may be small, but down the line, the locks accumulate these small damages that turn into big ones. So, always check your old locks, especially when you know they have some years in them.

When experiencing issues with your locks, our advise is to contact a professional locksmith. They can check your lock and find the issue, they can also detect other issues that can’t be seen that have the potential of creating bigger issues in the future.

  1. Lost Keys

Losing keys is a horrible situation to deal with. Misplacing keys is one way of losing them, another is getting them stolen. When this happens, change your locks immediately. If someone picked up your lost key or stolen it, they immediately have access to your house, and this is a disturbing thought. Quickly contact a locksmith this happens.

  1. Ending a Lease

This is another version of number 1, consider changing the locks when you’re a landlord and a tenant left. It is possible that your former tenant may have duplicated your keys and that could be a security risk.

  1. You are a victim of Burglary

When you are a victim of burglary, it is paramount to replace all locks quickly. It doesn’t matter how the burglar got in, change your locks as soon as possible. Usually, you can do this after the initial investigations of the police end. They might need to check the locks for evidence of breaking and entering, changing locks without asking the police might be considered as tampering with evidence. Also, you must identify all items that were stolen especially your keys.

  1. Your current lock is below standard

You might have locks around your house that you just bought because it was cheap. Buying cheaper products are usually lower quality products. Some cheaper locks may lack security features that can keep your home safe. So, investing in higher quality locks may be expensive but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

  1. Old Locks

Like what we stated in number 2, old locks are security hazards. They jeopardize your home security as they might have damages that people can take advantage of. Worn from constant use, old locks will accumulate damages over time that will ultimately destroy it. Replacing old locks is advised.

Do you want to change your locks?

Whenever you want to change your locks and you are located in Northern Ireland, contact us. Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland is a locksmith company that strives to give our customers quality locksmithing service. Our locksmiths are both well-trained and well-equipped for any problems our customers may be in. When you’re in need of a locksmith, call us and we’ll be there.


How to Choose the Right Locksmith

When you have a broken lock or key, you will undoubtedly need the services of a locksmith. However, with so many locksmith services available, how do you know which one is right for you?

There are several methods for selecting a service, but it never hurts to do some digging. What do you do now you’ve done your research and discovered the same service at a different price? You could miss out on the service that is great and at a low price.

This is our guide to selecting the best locksmith for you.

They must be trustworthy and accredited. Locksmithing is a highly skilled trade that takes several years to master. Being a licensed locksmith requires reliability. They have and keep their brand, and they work hard to improve their knowledge of keys and locks. The issue is that locksmith businesses in the United Kingdom are not regulated. This implies that someone without the right qualifications will work as a locksmith.

This also happens when people posing as locksmiths rely solely on the internet and YouTube videos to learn their trade. When this happens, they usually get in over their heads and leave a shoddy job that jeopardizes your security and safety. When you’re in need of a locksmith, go with your gut. In this sort of scenario, you can never take chances. Before you start working with them, make sure they have a valid license.

Ask for identification. A reputable locksmith will always show identification. Ask them to show their credentials first; they often plan to do so before going to work. You should make a note of the car they drive and their license plate number if you want to take additional precautions. This can be used as a reference in the future.

Keep an eye out for overcharging locksmiths. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in the United Kingdom. Locksmiths who come out and give you an outrageous bill for the job.

The majority of the time, these locksmiths are untrained, unqualified, and lack the requisite locksmithing skills. It’s likely that they have a criminal record, but this is uncommon. Most of the time, they overcharge for the task, only to have it completed incorrectly. Forcing the person to employ a new locksmith.4. Get Referrals before Hiring

Before hiring a locksmith, it’s a good idea to get some recommendations, especially if you’re in a hurry. A good old-fashioned recommendation from a family or acquaintance is vastly underrated. You may also inquire of your neighbors or coworkers whether they used a locksmith who delivered excellent service at a reasonable cost. You may also simply read their online reviews before making a final decision.

Check the reviews. As previously mentioned, you can read the locksmith’s reviews by conducting an internet search. This allows you to see what other customers have to say. These can be found on the company’s Facebook page, Google My Company, Yell Listing, and Yelp Listing, among other places.

In conclusion, don’t think only about the price when it’s time to employ a locksmith. Examine their credentials, past customer feedback, and experience. If they have a good reputation as a locksmith, they will do their utmost to maintain that and will most certainly offer excellent service. That is what Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland does. We are a business that aims to provide excellent locksmith services to our customers. Our locksmiths are well-trained and well-equipped to handle any issues that our customers may encounter. When you need a locksmith, give us a call and we’ll be there right away.


When do you need a Locksmith?

When we think about the oldest professions known to man, locksmithing is definitely one of them. As long as we live indoors, a locksmith will always be needed. Throughout the years, the simple and rudimentary locks have evolved into a more complex and intricate mechanism. With this in mind, locksmiths are very important.

When Do You Contact a Locksmith?

You can call a locksmith for a variety of reasons. When a lock is stuck, it’s possible that you left something valuable inside. It may be money, important documents, or maybe even a family member. If this occurs, it may be a traumatic experience. Here are a few reasons why you should seek the assistance of a locksmith.

Keys that have been misplaced or stolen. Have you misplaced the keys to your house or property? This is one instance where you can contact a locksmith. Use spare keys if you have them, and have a locksmith modify the locks. If you lose your keys or are stolen, there is a good chance that they will be used to gain access to your home. You can call a licensed locksmith straight away whether you’ve lost your keys, or someone has stolen them. The locks can be re-keyed or replaced, and new keys can be made.

Being locked out by accident. If you’ve locked yourself out of your house or office and don’t have access to spare keys, you can try calling an emergency locksmith to unlock your door. This may have happened accidentally, such as when you went out to get a newspaper or speak with a neighbor. The door then locks behind you when you don’t have the key. You’ll have no choice but to contact a locksmith.

Moving to a new place. If you’re heading to a new house, it’s a good idea to change the locks. It will give you peace of mind that you have the right keys. There’s a good chance the contractor still has a master key that they’ll use to gain access to your home at some point. Also, the architect, plumbers, electricians, drywall contractors, and flooring experts may need to access your home at any point during the construction process, and they may have a copy of your keys. When the renovations are finished and you’ve moved in, you’ll need to contact a locksmith to replace the locks.

Similarly, you don’t know who else has a copy of your keys when you move into an apartment. Whether it’s an old or new apartment, it’s very possible that there are several versions of the key. It’s possible that previous tenants have copies of the key. Even a brand-new apartment could have similar issues. If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, talk to the property manager about having the locks re-keyed or replaced by a locksmith.

Damaged locks and keys. Due to metal fatigue and everyday use, your keys will eventually deteriorate. It can be difficult to replace a key which has broken off inside a lock. When you find yourself in that awkward situation, you must contact a locksmith in your area. A residential locksmith will work on the lock and then assist you in getting into your home. After that, they’ll re-key the lock, cut a new key, or even swap it if necessary.

If you discover broken locks, it is recommended that you replace them. A broken lock invites potential burglars. It poses a significant security risk to you and everyone else in your home. So, as soon as possible, contact a locksmith to get the locks changed.

Key cutting.  Key cutting is another area of expertise for locksmiths. Why should the keys be cut by someone who isn’t a qualified, competent locksmith? If you want to share the keys to your home, office, or other properties with family and friends, a locksmith will take your current key and duplicate it as many times as you like. He’d be able to cut keys for locks like garage doors, cabinets, back doors, uPVC doors, and padlocks, among other things.

You can look up a locksmith in a nearby directory if you need one. You can also use Google to find locksmiths, which will show their locations. You may also look for their websites and send them an email. If you’re in need of a locksmith in Northern Ireland, Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland is here for you. Everything that was written in this article are the skills that our locksmiths possess. Whenever you need a locksmith, contact us and we will be on our way.


What to do when you’re locked out?

Being locked out of anything is a very dreadful experience. If you have not yet experienced this, you might find yourself if you’re not careful. When you’re in a rush to leave your house, parking your car quickly because you’re running late for work or school. These situations will likely lead you to lock yourself out. This article provides advice if you find yourself locked out.

Calm down. Maintain your composure and carry on. People make bad choices when they panic. Breaking a window is not a smart thing. Accordingly, replacing a broken window could cost about £100-£200. In this situation, it would be more cost-effective to hire a locksmith who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to finish the job. Take a deep breath, collect your thoughts, and think clearly is the best advice we can offer you. This isn’t the end of the world, and you’ll be back in your house in no time.

Examine the area for any open windows or doors. This may seem self-evident, but one out of every four people leaves their doors unprotected, which means you may be locked out of one door but have access to another. Look around the area for any open windows or doors; if you spot one, you may be in luck. Remember that pushing into the smallest window in the building would only cause further problems (no need for a trip to the hospital).

Contact a Locksmith. Sometimes you just have to hand it over to the professionals. However, this is not without its drawbacks. Locksmithing is an unregulated industry, which means that anyone can call themselves a locksmith after watching a few videos on YouTube. You must do your research when looking for a locksmith. You want to work with someone you can trust, someone who will not let you pay those “hidden costs.”

While searching on Google, keep in mind to read their reviews and visit their websites to get a sense of the locksmith’s reliability, and to ask for an estimate before calling. If that doesn’t work, ask a family member for a recommendation.

Improvise. If you’ve tried all of the above and you can’t get in, or get a locksmith – your last option is to try and improvise. You may have seen movies where picking a lock seems to be easy, but this depends on the lock.

Using the card trick is the easiest way to get in. There’s a good chance you won’t be able to use this card again, so choose one you will never use in the future. Between the frame and the lock, place the key, pressed against the bolt. Start wiggling the card around the door after pushing it upright. Wiggle the card away from the door while applying pressure to force the lock open, which works best if you press your weight against the door.

Warning: We’re not here to show you how to pick a lock, if everything fails this is your last resort.

So there you have it, these are some ways for you to get inside when you’re locked out. However, the only way for you to combat this is to always have a spare. As stated above, having a spare would prevent this from becoming a bigger situation. Not having one will take a lot from your time and potentially your wallet too. Having a spare is the best way to prevent this. Whenever you need a spare in Belfast, contact us.


Locksmith: A Time-Honored Profession

Normally, people would not think about locksmiths until they lose their keys or break a lock. What they fail to realize is that many locksmiths provides additional services that can keep a home or business safe and secure during the year.

It’s a time-honored profession. Locksmithing is one of the oldest trades in existence.  The first locksmiths are thought to have developed their skills in Babylon and Egypt over 4,000 years ago.  Lock and key technology extended north to Greece, Rome, and then east to China thanks to the ingenious Middle Eastern civilisations. It is now a highly sought-after talent in almost every country on the planet.

The etymology of the word Locksmith. The term refers to the tradition of the profession. A smith of locks, derived from the word blacksmith, was a person who dealt with steel or metals of various kinds. Blacksmiths forged arms and armour for knights and rulers, but the need for metal locks prompted the development of a modern, specialized skill: the locksmith.

A famous person that is a locksmith. It turns out Harry Houdini wasn’t always so magical after all, as he was more than certainly familiar with a few locks!  He began his career as a locksmith, acquiring a thorough knowledge of locks and how they functioned, which allowed him to perform many mind-boggling illusions for audiences. He was best known for his amazing feats of escape.  Without the much-needed trade, it’s possible that the Hungarian-born illusionist and stunt artist will never have achieved his degree of fame.

How old is the oldest lock in history? The oldest lock ever discovered is said to date back 4,000 years and was discovered in the remains of Nineveh’s Khorsabad Palace. The oldest lock with a ring, however, was discovered in the remains of the Palace of Sargon, also in Khorsabad, in about 704 BC.

A Locksmith Possesses More Skills Than You Think

To complete a job to the highest level for clients, a professional locksmith blends several trades. To successfully overcome a locksmithing problem in a smooth, hassle-free way, he or she would need to perform the tasks of a security specialist, mechanic, carpenter, and engineer.

Services of locksmiths have evolved. The profession has evolved throughout the years. Locksmiths still do change, upgrade locks and provide key cutting services. Nowadays they employ technologies that enhances a lock’s quality or an overall betterment for home security. They now can install surveillance cameras, alarms, and repairs damages from burglars. Locksmithing is a profession that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Our locksmiths at Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland are well-trained and well-equipped for any problems. They are all experienced in the field and will only provide the highest quality of locksmithing service. We provide this service to all in Northern Ireland. If you’ve been locked out of your house, need new locks, or want to install cutting-edge, dependable home security devices in your home or business, or if you want to feel safe and secure, don’t hesitate and contact us.


Improve Home Security During Lockdown

Due to the lockdown, you may find yourself bored being indoors all day. You gradually lose interest with find the stuff that helped you past the time. This may be the time to improve your home security. Even if the rates of domestic burglary and theft decreased, it doesn’t mean you should be relaxed. The rates are definitely down but they’re still happening. This is a guide that can keep you busy and also improve your security and keep you safe.

Security Checks. If you have the time, go around your house and check the locks on your doors and windows and make sure they are secure and functional. Check if your surveillance lights are working as well, as they are one of the most effective ways to stop opportunistic burglars. Criminals may be staying at home like the rest of us, but you can bet they’re still planning how they’ll make up for lost time.

Don’t forget security basics. Since most of us spend our days at home, burglars are much less likely to attempt a break-in, but if you overlook simple precautions, you can become a target for robbers. Because of the shift in schedule, it’s possible to forget to check your doors and windows at night, as most of us do before going to bed. It’s all too tempting to forget your security basics when you’ve been home all day doing typical lockdown things like baking bread or attempting a new hobby.

Upgrade. Since you’ll be indoors every day, you’ll have plenty of time to start improving your home security. You’ve probably seen the rising popularity of smart security devices, but you might have ignored them as being too costly and may be impractical for your home. That may have been the case five years ago, but smart devices are now more affordable than they have ever been. They will not only keep your home safe from offenders trying to risk violating the lockout, but they will also serve to warn you if there are any other emergencies, such as a fire or water damage.

Secure your garden. You definitely want to secure outbuildings like garages or garden sheds. I f you don’t have something valuable in either, they can persuade burglars that your home defenses are insufficient to warrant a closer look. If you have valuables in those areas, make sure you take extra precautions to keep them secure. Checking the doors and windows is a good start, but if you have a surveillance camera device, at least one of them should be pointed toward your garden shed or garage.

Online Security. It’s not just about your physical safety that you should be concerned about. You’re now spending more time online than you used to, which means you could be tempted to post more personal information than you did before the lockdown. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll be going on vacation anytime soon, criminals can take advantage of a social media message, especially if it reveals you’ve left your home.

Improving your home security will definitely help you pass the time. Do be careful about what you plan to purchase and install, it is highly advised to contact a professional locksmith and ask for advise. If you do need one and you’re in Northern Ireland, contact us. We provide quality locksmithing with well-trained and well-equipped locksmiths.

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