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Green Policy

Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland offers services while keeping recycling in mind. We try to reduce carbon footprint by recycling our wastes and products. We do this by:

Metals. We don’t like changing locks either to make more money just for the sake of it. We’ll only replace a lock if it’s absolutely necessary. Rather than removing and replacing the whole lock, we would still attempt to repair it and replace parts. Any metals that we are unable to repair or reuse end up at the metal yard, where they are melted down and reused. Even the residue from the cut keys is saved and recycled.

Plastics. Several of our products are shipped in some sort of plastic. We separate all recyclable plastics and send them to a reputable recycling company along with the paper waste. This ensures that all plastic will be recycled properly by professionals

Papers. Our invoices are electronic. We stopped using paper to make receipts, invoices and notes. The mail we receive is used for note taking paper or shredded for recycling.

Vehicles. As we are a mobile locksmith company, we use a medium sized van to travel around Belfast. We only have one van in use to minimize our carbon footprint instead of using a fleet of vehicles. In doing so, we can get around quickly and cheaply.

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