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Do I need to Change Locks?

The first line of defence in our home security is our doors. Keeping them in shape and working order will definitely keep you and your family safe. However, with daily use, they need to be maintained regularly. The question is, how do you know if you need to replace a lock? This article will explain the various types of situations where you need to replace your locks.

  1. Moving into a New Home

When you move to a new place, you should immediately replace all door locks as soon as possible. It would be better if you replaced them a day before moving there. This makes sure that former owners don’t get ideas of using their old keys to enter your home uninvited. Even if they gave the old key, it is very possible for them to have duplicate copies of the key, or even lost old keys. Replacing locks will beef up your home security and will discourage former owners to get any bad ideas.

  1. Damaged Locks

This is another reason to replace a lock. Old locks experience multiple uses which add damage over time. It may be small, but down the line, the locks accumulate these small damages that turn into big ones. So, always check your old locks, especially when you know they have some years in them.

When experiencing issues with your locks, our advise is to contact a professional locksmith. They can check your lock and find the issue, they can also detect other issues that can’t be seen that have the potential of creating bigger issues in the future.

  1. Lost Keys

Losing keys is a horrible situation to deal with. Misplacing keys is one way of losing them, another is getting them stolen. When this happens, change your locks immediately. If someone picked up your lost key or stolen it, they immediately have access to your house, and this is a disturbing thought. Quickly contact a locksmith this happens.

  1. Ending a Lease

This is another version of number 1, consider changing the locks when you’re a landlord and a tenant left. It is possible that your former tenant may have duplicated your keys and that could be a security risk.

  1. You are a victim of Burglary

When you are a victim of burglary, it is paramount to replace all locks quickly. It doesn’t matter how the burglar got in, change your locks as soon as possible. Usually, you can do this after the initial investigations of the police end. They might need to check the locks for evidence of breaking and entering, changing locks without asking the police might be considered as tampering with evidence. Also, you must identify all items that were stolen especially your keys.

  1. Your current lock is below standard

You might have locks around your house that you just bought because it was cheap. Buying cheaper products are usually lower quality products. Some cheaper locks may lack security features that can keep your home safe. So, investing in higher quality locks may be expensive but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

  1. Old Locks

Like what we stated in number 2, old locks are security hazards. They jeopardize your home security as they might have damages that people can take advantage of. Worn from constant use, old locks will accumulate damages over time that will ultimately destroy it. Replacing old locks is advised.

Do you want to change your locks?

Whenever you want to change your locks and you are located in Northern Ireland, contact us. Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland is a locksmith company that strives to give our customers quality locksmithing service. Our locksmiths are both well-trained and well-equipped for any problems our customers may be in. When you’re in need of a locksmith, call us and we’ll be there.

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