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Locksmith: A Time-Honored Profession

Normally, people would not think about locksmiths until they lose their keys or break a lock. What they fail to realize is that many locksmiths provides additional services that can keep a home or business safe and secure during the year.

It’s a time-honored profession. Locksmithing is one of the oldest trades in existence.  The first locksmiths are thought to have developed their skills in Babylon and Egypt over 4,000 years ago.  Lock and key technology extended north to Greece, Rome, and then east to China thanks to the ingenious Middle Eastern civilisations. It is now a highly sought-after talent in almost every country on the planet.

The etymology of the word Locksmith. The term refers to the tradition of the profession. A smith of locks, derived from the word blacksmith, was a person who dealt with steel or metals of various kinds. Blacksmiths forged arms and armour for knights and rulers, but the need for metal locks prompted the development of a modern, specialized skill: the locksmith.

A famous person that is a locksmith. It turns out Harry Houdini wasn’t always so magical after all, as he was more than certainly familiar with a few locks!  He began his career as a locksmith, acquiring a thorough knowledge of locks and how they functioned, which allowed him to perform many mind-boggling illusions for audiences. He was best known for his amazing feats of escape.  Without the much-needed trade, it’s possible that the Hungarian-born illusionist and stunt artist will never have achieved his degree of fame.

How old is the oldest lock in history? The oldest lock ever discovered is said to date back 4,000 years and was discovered in the remains of Nineveh’s Khorsabad Palace. The oldest lock with a ring, however, was discovered in the remains of the Palace of Sargon, also in Khorsabad, in about 704 BC.

A Locksmith Possesses More Skills Than You Think

To complete a job to the highest level for clients, a professional locksmith blends several trades. To successfully overcome a locksmithing problem in a smooth, hassle-free way, he or she would need to perform the tasks of a security specialist, mechanic, carpenter, and engineer.

Services of locksmiths have evolved. The profession has evolved throughout the years. Locksmiths still do change, upgrade locks and provide key cutting services. Nowadays they employ technologies that enhances a lock’s quality or an overall betterment for home security. They now can install surveillance cameras, alarms, and repairs damages from burglars. Locksmithing is a profession that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Our locksmiths at Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland are well-trained and well-equipped for any problems. They are all experienced in the field and will only provide the highest quality of locksmithing service. We provide this service to all in Northern Ireland. If you’ve been locked out of your house, need new locks, or want to install cutting-edge, dependable home security devices in your home or business, or if you want to feel safe and secure, don’t hesitate and contact us.

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