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What to do when you’re locked out?

Being locked out of anything is a very dreadful experience. If you have not yet experienced this, you might find yourself if you’re not careful. When you’re in a rush to leave your house, parking your car quickly because you’re running late for work or school. These situations will likely lead you to lock yourself out. This article provides advice if you find yourself locked out.

Calm down. Maintain your composure and carry on. People make bad choices when they panic. Breaking a window is not a smart thing. Accordingly, replacing a broken window could cost about £100-£200. In this situation, it would be more cost-effective to hire a locksmith who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to finish the job. Take a deep breath, collect your thoughts, and think clearly is the best advice we can offer you. This isn’t the end of the world, and you’ll be back in your house in no time.

Examine the area for any open windows or doors. This may seem self-evident, but one out of every four people leaves their doors unprotected, which means you may be locked out of one door but have access to another. Look around the area for any open windows or doors; if you spot one, you may be in luck. Remember that pushing into the smallest window in the building would only cause further problems (no need for a trip to the hospital).

Contact a Locksmith. Sometimes you just have to hand it over to the professionals. However, this is not without its drawbacks. Locksmithing is an unregulated industry, which means that anyone can call themselves a locksmith after watching a few videos on YouTube. You must do your research when looking for a locksmith. You want to work with someone you can trust, someone who will not let you pay those “hidden costs.”

While searching on Google, keep in mind to read their reviews and visit their websites to get a sense of the locksmith’s reliability, and to ask for an estimate before calling. If that doesn’t work, ask a family member for a recommendation.

Improvise. If you’ve tried all of the above and you can’t get in, or get a locksmith – your last option is to try and improvise. You may have seen movies where picking a lock seems to be easy, but this depends on the lock.

Using the card trick is the easiest way to get in. There’s a good chance you won’t be able to use this card again, so choose one you will never use in the future. Between the frame and the lock, place the key, pressed against the bolt. Start wiggling the card around the door after pushing it upright. Wiggle the card away from the door while applying pressure to force the lock open, which works best if you press your weight against the door.

Warning: We’re not here to show you how to pick a lock, if everything fails this is your last resort.

So there you have it, these are some ways for you to get inside when you’re locked out. However, the only way for you to combat this is to always have a spare. As stated above, having a spare would prevent this from becoming a bigger situation. Not having one will take a lot from your time and potentially your wallet too. Having a spare is the best way to prevent this. Whenever you need a spare in Belfast, contact us.

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