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What lock should I get?

What lock should I get?

Everybody, especially tenants and homeowners should be concerned about the safety of their homes and belongings. Choosing the best locks for your doors is critical for your home security. There are, however, several types of locks to choose from.

It can be difficult to know which type of lock is the best to use. However, locksmiths can provide expert advice on the best type of door locks to use to help protect your home. The door and the lock are inseparably connected. While a strong lock is important, the door must also be sturdy.

There are several different types, but here is our expert opinion on the best locks:

Door Handle Locks. Door handle locks are one of the most widely used locks in the United Kingdom. They can provide a safe locking mechanism when used in combination with alternatives such as deadbolts. Within the house, one of the most common ways to use door handle locks is on an internal door after the front door or a doorway to the garage.

Deadbolts. Heavy-duty locks that are separate from the doorknob or handle are known as deadbolt locks. When the door is latched, the deadbolt is normally placed such that the bolt sticks out of the door and into the wall. This means that the door cannot be opened while the deadbolt is closed. Deadbolts are durable, but they must be installed correctly to be reliable. The deadbolt’s strike plate should also be properly mounted to ensure that the bolt goes all the way through the socket.

Keyed Locks. If you can’t use a deadbolt on your door, a keyed lock may be the better choice. Gliding glass doors and patio doors often have keyed locks. The original locks that come with sliding doors appear to wear out and do not provide the level of security that your home needs. Sliding doors benefit from keyed locks, particularly when they are mounted on both the top and bottom of the door.

Electronic Locks. The electronic lock, which does not require the use of a conventional key, is one of the newest locks on the market. Instead, many electronic locks use a code that can be entered using a key fob, a tablet, or an entry pad. This is a high-tech option that provides enhanced protection for your home. Electronic locks are becoming more common, especially in new homes, because they are more convenient and eliminate the risk of misplacing your keys. Locks that are linked to your phone will provide you with details about who is entering your home and when they are doing so.

Combination Locks. Electronic or mechanical combinations are possible. Mechanical combination locks use either a push button or a twist dial mechanism to operate. A password or pin would usually be needed for digital combination locks, similar to how a phone works.

If you are in need of new locks, don’t hesitate to contact Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland. Providing locks is one of many services we provide. Our locksmiths are more than capable of doing them as they are well-trained and well-equipped. Give us a call and we will be there quickly.


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