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Tips from Locksmiths to Landlords

Tips from Locksmiths to Landlords

Being a landlord comes with specific responsibilities, like making sure your property is a safe place for your tenants. Regularly checking for damaged locks and maintenance comes with the job. This article will be your guide for landlords to ensure the safety of their property and tenants.

  1. Routinely check door locks

This is the very first step for every landlord is to secure their rental property. Check your locks if they have been damaged in any way, damaged locks are an invitation for people with ill intent. Do note that before renting your place out you must have bought high-quality locks for your property, they may be expensive but they get the job done. However, if your budget can’t take the price of high locks, purchasing locks that are up to the British Standard can do. These locks are known to be more resistant to common forced entry techniques.

  1. Window locks

Door locks aren’t the only locks you should secure. Treat your window locks as how you treat your door locks, doing this makes it safer for everybody. Keep in mind your windows that are near and accessible on the ground floor, these are the most vulnerable windows of your property. If you’re not sure what window locks to get, contact a locksmith for advise.

  1. Don’t forget other spaces

There are some landlords with extra spaces in their property: garages, sheds, and outbuildings. These are sometimes personal space for the landlord or a place where the tenant can use as well. Same with windows, the amount of attention you give to doors must be replicated for these areas. Usually, these are the first things that burglars try to break in due to the possibility of expensive tools being stashed there (i.e., sheds and garages). If you don’t leave anything expensive in these spaces, you should still secure them.

  1. Change locks when a tenant leaves

It is strongly recommended to change locks whenever you have a new tenant. You never know if your old tenant has copies of your keys. They usually do this when they lost it or share it with someone living with them. This is definitely a security risk, so always change locks whenever a new tenant arrives.

Also, give your new tenant a heads up before changing locks. Make sure you have a copy of the new lock as well.

  1. Do you know your property?

Knowing the layout of your property and understanding the types of doors and windows you have is helpful. Understanding the security aspects of your property will help you to know how to properly maintain it and keep it in tip-top condition.

  1. Have an on-call locksmith

It would be wise if you have a locksmith that you can call anytime, especially in emergencies. There are only a few locksmiths that are available 24/7, so it is important to have one that you could rely on in emergencies. Also, if you’re tenant is locked out and can’t get in touch with you, your preferred locksmith could be the second number they can call. This process will be easier for all parties. However, the locksmith you set must provide a service that is up to a high standard and is someone you can trust.

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