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Security Measures Against Break-Ins

Security Measures Against Break-Ins

It is a traumatic experience when a break-in happens. An unknown individual breaking in and entering will make anyone feel unsafe in their house. Changing locks is the normal thing to do after, but what’s next? For you not to experience this, we made a guide that will discourage burglars from entering your home. Do note that there is no way to discourage them completely, this guide will only talk about precautionary measures that you can do.

  1. Improving your Locks

Check your locks around your house, do they look broken, rusted, or old? When you have these locks, change them immediately. But when you do, don’t settle for the same model of locks. Try to find better versions to ramp up your home security. So when the time comes for you to replace a lock, contact a locksmith to make sure you have the recent and the best type of locks. It might be expensive, but it will be worth it in the long run.

It’s also better to check with your insurer about your locks. It is possible you might have the wrong locks when a break-in happens, so you may not be able to claim.

  1. Assess your Door’s Strength

Having a good strong door is a must-have to prevent break-ins. It must be strong enough to withstand a kick from a burglar. Even having good locks, if a person can kick through your door, we have a problem. One way to strengthen your door is to reinforce it with metal plates. This can be attached with screws that are drilled in. It is better for a professional locksmith to do this process but if you want to save money, you can purchase these plates online or in DIY shops.

While reinforcing your door, try to improve the frame as well. Make sure that the frame is firmly attached to the walls. If it isn’t, you can secure it by using special bars and fitting them on the hinges and locking points. Another is using hinge bolts to prevent doors from being forcefully removed from their hinges.

  1. Doors with Windows

Having doors with windows may look good, but it poses as an entry path for burglars. They can take advantage of the windows, smashing them and unlocking your door from the inside. Especially if the window is placed near the lock. This is a very scary thought and it is advised to change doors. But if you don’t want to change it, reinforcing the glass is another choice. Installing bars on the inside will prevent burglars from unlocking the door. You can also have these bars stylized to be more decorative.

  1. Other Stuff that you can Do

If your door has everything that we listed, you can do more to improve your home security. Getting a door chain will definitely provide more protection. If your lock fails the chain can be its other layer of protection. Also, if your door has a letterbox installed in it, burglars can use a tactic called ‘fishing’. This is where the burglar uses a long wire and inserting it through the letterbox. You can prevent this by installing a letterbox guard.

Having a security light will also be an improvement for your security. Most of the time, this will deter burglars from targeting your house. They usually love to hide in darkness, masking their figures and faces. Having a bright light that shines from your door will definitely scare them away. Lastly, a security camera is another layer of home security. This is actually a scare tactic as they will not going to risk breaking in while they know a camera is pointed to them

All in all, improving your security is a must to deter break-ins. It is not guaranteed that these security measures will totally dissuade burglars, but having them will give you a good chance of not having to deal with an unwanted intruder. Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland has all of these and more, when you need someone to ramp up your home security, give us a call.


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