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Tips when moving to a new place

Moving is an experience with mixed emotions. You can definitely feel excited but also anxious, you can look forward to staying in the new place but scared of something that might happen. Are your items there? Are they secured? How can you keep your property secure and avoid nasty surprises in the future? Here’s what we think new homeowners should do when they move to a new house to keep themselves and their belongings secure.

Replace the locks. One or two sets of keys would have been given to you by the former owners. But how can you be sure there aren’t any left? It’s likely that they’ve given their keys to tradesmen in the past and failed to get them back. Alternatively, it’s possible that the former owners already have a collection and can reach the house anytime they wish. To stop any of these situations, hire a local locksmith to upgrade all of your locks with British Standard.

Examine your home’s security. A local locksmith or security firm will assist you with this. They will walk around your home and find out any vulnerabilities, as well as places where new locks or security devices can be installed.

Keep an eye on your outbuildings. Since there are typically high-value items inside, such as automobiles, lawnmowers, and power equipment. Garages, summer homes, and sheds should have nice solid locks. The bulk of products are generally protected by home insurance, but outbuildings normally have a burglary limit of about £5000. Installing British Standard locks can help keep your outbuildings safe and secure and discourage burglars. Theft of high-value objects from unlocked garages is usually not secured.

Transfer your mail address. Check to see if any of your mail has arrived at your new address. Missing mail presents a security risk since it might hold bank records and sensitive information that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

Secure the Wi-Fi network. The majority of folks want their internet service to be up and running as quickly as possible. However, make sure you set up a protected Wi-Fi with a password so your new neighbors or thieves can’t use your internet connection for free.

Check to see if the house had been burgled before. Nobody wants to know this information, but evidence suggests that if the property has been burgled before, criminals are more likely to return because they are familiar with the layout. When your house has been burgled, make sure your surveillance system and locks have been changed.

Check the identity of any tradesmen who show up. Moving places necessarily involves the hiring of numerous tradespeople to assist with the setup of your new residence. However, certain offenders will go around searching for potential homeowners in order to commit fraud against them. Be sure that the only people you welcome into your home are people you know.

Meet your new neighbors. When you’re not at home, your new neighbors will serve as your eyes and ears. They will identify strangers if they know you and your family and will warn you of unwanted visitors. Burglars who want to pass themselves off as trustworthy would be deterred by their presence or curiosity.

This may look like a lot of work, but you are doing yourself a favor by doing this. All these measures are for you to be safe and secure in the new place you just moved to. Whenever you need a locksmith in Northern Ireland, contact us.

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