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Do I need a Spare Key?

Having a spare key is a must-have for every homeowner. Misplacing, getting your main key stolen, or getting locked out is a headache on its own, but not having a spare will be a horrible experience. Having one will save you time from your day and money from your wallet. Listed below are reasons why you need to have a spare key.

  1. Accidental Lockouts

This situation happens to people all around the world. They are a frustrating and annoying experience to deal with. Having a spare will literally spare you from getting into that situation. A spare key will not only save you from wasting your time and money, but it will also save you from turning an emergency into an awful one. It takes a moment of a distraction for you to be locked out, so plan ahead and have a spare key made.

  1. Broken Key

This is a reason that you can be locked out. Keys may be metal but that doesn’t mean they are unbreakable. The wear and tear that the key will experience overtime will ultimately weaken it. Keys can easily break when used for a long period of time. If you notice your key has small cracks on the shaft, this means that your key is in danger of breaking. You can also know if your key is going to break if it isn’t working as it should be with your locks.

Having a spare and alternately using it with the original key will reduce the damage for both keys. Not exposing them to pressure every day will prolong the longevity of your keys. This will also lead to you not being locked out in the future.

  1. Key Replacements are Quickly Made

To replace a key, the locksmith would need a key for reference or they would disassemble your lock and try to figure out your key. This could happen whenever you lost or break your key. For the betterment of both parties, you and your locksmith, having a spare will speed up the process of getting a replacement.

Not having a spare will force the locksmith to take the lock and figure out the grooves of your key, this will take time and a bit of money as well. Having a spare will be much cheaper and the key cutting process will be quicker, taking only minutes to make

However, it is advised if you lost or have your keys stolen is to replace your locks. You never know who has your old keys. When this happens, Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland can provide this service to you.

  1. Having Multiple People in a House

It is difficult for a household to have multiple people with only one set of keys. I was in a position where I have to wait outside for the person who has the keys to come back home as there was nobody inside. It is problematic for one person to always be there to lock and unlock doors, and sharing it with multiple people will increase the chance of losing the key.

Having a spare will be convenient for everyone, they will be responsible for their key and will not have to depend on the person who has the original key. If you are concerned with privacy or you just want to limit access to other people, you can look into installing master key systems.

In conclusion, having a spare key is the best way for you not to waste money and time. A spare will do wonders for a homeowner with multiple household members, or even just a person living alone. Having a spare key is an easy way to make all things convenient.

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