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Burglar Proof Your Windows

There are different layers to home security and one layer of it is your windows. People tend to purchase everything possible for their doors but leave their windows, now that is a security breach. There are various measures for a homeowner to secure their windows and keep their household safe.

Window Locks

Investing in a secure window lock is the first step. This simple method only needs you to install locks like deadbolts and window latches. But by far the best lock that you can invest in is a huge lock that a person can see from the outside. The size of it alone can deter most burglars and their strength can stop the few who try.

If you’re not sure what lock to get, call a professional locksmith for advise. They might need to see the window first before advising. Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland provides this service, catering to all residents of NI.


If you’re afraid that a burglar would smash your window, there are ways for you to strengthen it. A thing you can do is to opt for tempered instead of traditional glass. This is more difficult to break and the cheapest option you can take. Another is laminated glass, these are more studier than the other two glasses. A burglar needs to strike this several times in order to break it, making much noise in the process. A few strong strikes will deter burglars as it is loud to break one of these. Lastly, having a bulletproof glass is the most expensive option. Normally reserves for cars, you could try to install these.

Window Bars

Installing these is a very effective way to ramp up your home security. The sight of itself will dissuade burglars from entering and even if they tried, they can’t squeeze through the bars. You can purchase window bars that are already styled to be aesthetically pleasing, to match with what your house is going for. However, safety experts warn people from using this as windows are exits points during emergencies.

Bright Lights

Burglars prefer the dark, so putting up bright lights to illuminate your windows is a great way to keep them away. Motion sensor lights can be purchased that will turn on when someone approaches your home. This will not only protect you if you arrive home after dark, but it will also warn you if someone is approaching.


Another layer of window security. This comes with and without wires. With wired alarms, people tend not to get them as they don’t like the added mess of cords and wires. Wireless alarms are the popular ones, however, you need to routinely check them as they work on batteries.

Alarms and sensors usually emit a loud noise when an unwanted intruder goes through a window. This noise is loud enough to be heard from your neighbors’ house and will scare away most burglars.

In summary, having these for your windows will definitely help you against break-ins. The layers of alarms with strong locks and sturdy glass will make any burglar think twice. Whenever you need to ramp up your window security in Northern Ireland, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide a number of locksmithing services. For more articles on home security visit our blog section.

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