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Break-Ins: The Aftermath

If you were burgled, you know the traumatizing experience that it can give. This will leave a mark that will keep you on the edge. We in Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland made this article to guide you on how to reestablish your home security.

Following a break-in you must:

Contact the police. If you were away when the break-in happened, your instinct might tell you to go in and investigate. We highly advise not to do this, you never know if the perpetrators are still there.

We recommend going to a secure place, such as your vehicle or a neighbor’s house, and reporting the break-in to the police. If it is not an emergency, such as if your life is not in danger, we recommend dialing 101 rather than 999. However, if you are afraid that there are still people in your house, we recommend dialing 999 for emergency assistance.

Keep track of missing items. When the police show up, they’ll write down evidence and statements, as well as to inquire as to whether someone saw anything and what things you suspect are missing. They will then prepare a summary and assign you a case number; you can write this number down because it will be useful for insurance claims and will help you keep track of your case.

Photograph everything. Taking pictures will help you in the long run as you stack your evidence list, this strengthens your case more. Take pictures of where the burglar entered, like broken doors and windows. Also, take pictures of damages you find.

Contact a Locksmith. After the police end their initial investigation and give you the signal, quickly contact a locksmith. You need to replace every lock in your house, even window locks. Don’t think about getting them repaired, burglars usually target houses they already know the layout of. So, it is best to replace all locks and secure your property.

When you contact a locksmith, we always recommend that you meet with them to determine which security locks are suitable for your home and what benefits they have. Since not all locks are made alike, installing a higher security lock will help you restore some sense of security. Inquire regarding their home protection recommendations and what they think should be done to your property to reduce the likelihood of a future incident.

A day after a break-in

List the items stolen. Even if the police have their list, it is best to try and make one of your own. When making this list, try to find receipts that prove you bought the items and how much is it. Also, note how long you have the item.

Preventing future break-ins by securing your house.

Get better locks. As previously said, no lock is created equal; however, certain locks have enhanced security features and burglar deterrents that can help discourage anyone to try and burgle you. Updating your home’s protection not only makes you feel safer but also sends a message to burglars that you’ve taken measures to make yourself a tougher target.

Mount lights that are motion activated. Burglars usually strike when it’s dark. They especially love dimly lit places. Getting motion active lights would help scare away would-be thieves. Mount these lights in dark places around your home like your garden.

Consider installing a security system. Security cameras and burglar alarms are not only excellent systems for ensuring that your home is secure, but they also serve as excellent visual deterrents to potential intruders. Ultimately, the safest way to avoid crime and keep your home safe is to make yourself a less tempting option for would-be intruders.

In summary, security measures like these will help you deter burglars to target your house again. But for those who have never experienced it, it would be wise to plan and take the necessary steps in order for you to be safe from potential perpetrators. In Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland, we provide these services and more. When you need help with your home security, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Tips when moving to a new place

Moving is an experience with mixed emotions. You can definitely feel excited but also anxious, you can look forward to staying in the new place but scared of something that might happen. Are your items there? Are they secured? How can you keep your property secure and avoid nasty surprises in the future? Here’s what we think new homeowners should do when they move to a new house to keep themselves and their belongings secure.

Replace the locks. One or two sets of keys would have been given to you by the former owners. But how can you be sure there aren’t any left? It’s likely that they’ve given their keys to tradesmen in the past and failed to get them back. Alternatively, it’s possible that the former owners already have a collection and can reach the house anytime they wish. To stop any of these situations, hire a local locksmith to upgrade all of your locks with British Standard.

Examine your home’s security. A local locksmith or security firm will assist you with this. They will walk around your home and find out any vulnerabilities, as well as places where new locks or security devices can be installed.

Keep an eye on your outbuildings. Since there are typically high-value items inside, such as automobiles, lawnmowers, and power equipment. Garages, summer homes, and sheds should have nice solid locks. The bulk of products are generally protected by home insurance, but outbuildings normally have a burglary limit of about £5000. Installing British Standard locks can help keep your outbuildings safe and secure and discourage burglars. Theft of high-value objects from unlocked garages is usually not secured.

Transfer your mail address. Check to see if any of your mail has arrived at your new address. Missing mail presents a security risk since it might hold bank records and sensitive information that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

Secure the Wi-Fi network. The majority of folks want their internet service to be up and running as quickly as possible. However, make sure you set up a protected Wi-Fi with a password so your new neighbors or thieves can’t use your internet connection for free.

Check to see if the house had been burgled before. Nobody wants to know this information, but evidence suggests that if the property has been burgled before, criminals are more likely to return because they are familiar with the layout. When your house has been burgled, make sure your surveillance system and locks have been changed.

Check the identity of any tradesmen who show up. Moving places necessarily involves the hiring of numerous tradespeople to assist with the setup of your new residence. However, certain offenders will go around searching for potential homeowners in order to commit fraud against them. Be sure that the only people you welcome into your home are people you know.

Meet your new neighbors. When you’re not at home, your new neighbors will serve as your eyes and ears. They will identify strangers if they know you and your family and will warn you of unwanted visitors. Burglars who want to pass themselves off as trustworthy would be deterred by their presence or curiosity.

This may look like a lot of work, but you are doing yourself a favor by doing this. All these measures are for you to be safe and secure in the new place you just moved to. Whenever you need a locksmith in Northern Ireland, contact us.


How to solve Lock problems on your Own

The essence of locks is to keep you and the members of your household safe. When your lock malfunctions, it must be dealt with straight away. There are some locks that require a locksmith’s hand as the damages may be severe, but there are others that you can solve on your own. Below are common lock problems and what you can do to solve them.

  1. Broken key in a lock

This is a sudden lock problem that is frustrating to deal with. When this happens, don’t use the broken piece of the key to lock or unlock the door further. If you do this, the broken key part might go further in and making it difficult to remove. Instead, try to remove the broken key if possible with pliers. Don’t force it or you could make the situation worse. If it fails, contact a locksmith. They have the necessary tools and experience to deal with this situation.

  1. Locks that are difficult to open

Do you notice that your old locks are stiffer when you try to open them? Dirt and dust can sometimes find their way inside the lock and build up over time. It will then clog up the locking mechanism making it difficult to turn. What you can do is

Dirt and dust can sometimes find their way into a lock and build up over time. This can clog up the locking mechanism making it difficult to turn. You should lubricate the lock with graphite spay or silicone lubricant, then replace the key and turn it a few times. Never use oil-based lubricants because, although they can help at first, they also lead to clogging issues later.

  1. Inserting the key is difficult

Firstly, make sure you’re using the proper key in the lock. The problem isn’t triggered by a badly cut key, so you can rule that out. Badly cut keys can often cause issues in locks, which is why it’s important to get new keys cut by a reputable locksmith. If you have a spare key for the lock, use it to determine whether the issue is with the key or the lock. If the lock is damaged, a locksmith may have to examine it

  1. Key doesn’t turn in the lock

A number of factors can contribute to this issue. First and foremost, you should never try to force the key into the lock, as this may cause the key to breaking. As previously mentioned, you can lubricate the lock with graphite spray or silicone-based lubricant. If this doesn’t work, there could be a misalignment of the lock and door or a problem with the lock cylinder. Unfortunately, both of these issues will almost always require the services of a locksmith to identify and fix.

When in these types of situations, the safest thing to do is to contact a professional locksmith. If you’re in Northern Ireland, don’t hesitate to call us. Our locksmiths are well-trained and well-equipped to solve any problems that you may be in. Situations like these call for professional care.


Burglar Proof Your Windows

There are different layers to home security and one layer of it is your windows. People tend to purchase everything possible for their doors but leave their windows, now that is a security breach. There are various measures for a homeowner to secure their windows and keep their household safe.

Window Locks

Investing in a secure window lock is the first step. This simple method only needs you to install locks like deadbolts and window latches. But by far the best lock that you can invest in is a huge lock that a person can see from the outside. The size of it alone can deter most burglars and their strength can stop the few who try.

If you’re not sure what lock to get, call a professional locksmith for advise. They might need to see the window first before advising. Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland provides this service, catering to all residents of NI.


If you’re afraid that a burglar would smash your window, there are ways for you to strengthen it. A thing you can do is to opt for tempered instead of traditional glass. This is more difficult to break and the cheapest option you can take. Another is laminated glass, these are more studier than the other two glasses. A burglar needs to strike this several times in order to break it, making much noise in the process. A few strong strikes will deter burglars as it is loud to break one of these. Lastly, having a bulletproof glass is the most expensive option. Normally reserves for cars, you could try to install these.

Window Bars

Installing these is a very effective way to ramp up your home security. The sight of itself will dissuade burglars from entering and even if they tried, they can’t squeeze through the bars. You can purchase window bars that are already styled to be aesthetically pleasing, to match with what your house is going for. However, safety experts warn people from using this as windows are exits points during emergencies.

Bright Lights

Burglars prefer the dark, so putting up bright lights to illuminate your windows is a great way to keep them away. Motion sensor lights can be purchased that will turn on when someone approaches your home. This will not only protect you if you arrive home after dark, but it will also warn you if someone is approaching.


Another layer of window security. This comes with and without wires. With wired alarms, people tend not to get them as they don’t like the added mess of cords and wires. Wireless alarms are the popular ones, however, you need to routinely check them as they work on batteries.

Alarms and sensors usually emit a loud noise when an unwanted intruder goes through a window. This noise is loud enough to be heard from your neighbors’ house and will scare away most burglars.

In summary, having these for your windows will definitely help you against break-ins. The layers of alarms with strong locks and sturdy glass will make any burglar think twice. Whenever you need to ramp up your window security in Northern Ireland, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide a number of locksmithing services. For more articles on home security visit our blog section.


Security Measures Against Break-Ins

It is a traumatic experience when a break-in happens. An unknown individual breaking in and entering will make anyone feel unsafe in their house. Changing locks is the normal thing to do after, but what’s next? For you not to experience this, we made a guide that will discourage burglars from entering your home. Do note that there is no way to discourage them completely, this guide will only talk about precautionary measures that you can do.

  1. Improving your Locks

Check your locks around your house, do they look broken, rusted, or old? When you have these locks, change them immediately. But when you do, don’t settle for the same model of locks. Try to find better versions to ramp up your home security. So when the time comes for you to replace a lock, contact a locksmith to make sure you have the recent and the best type of locks. It might be expensive, but it will be worth it in the long run.

It’s also better to check with your insurer about your locks. It is possible you might have the wrong locks when a break-in happens, so you may not be able to claim.

  1. Assess your Door’s Strength

Having a good strong door is a must-have to prevent break-ins. It must be strong enough to withstand a kick from a burglar. Even having good locks, if a person can kick through your door, we have a problem. One way to strengthen your door is to reinforce it with metal plates. This can be attached with screws that are drilled in. It is better for a professional locksmith to do this process but if you want to save money, you can purchase these plates online or in DIY shops.

While reinforcing your door, try to improve the frame as well. Make sure that the frame is firmly attached to the walls. If it isn’t, you can secure it by using special bars and fitting them on the hinges and locking points. Another is using hinge bolts to prevent doors from being forcefully removed from their hinges.

  1. Doors with Windows

Having doors with windows may look good, but it poses as an entry path for burglars. They can take advantage of the windows, smashing them and unlocking your door from the inside. Especially if the window is placed near the lock. This is a very scary thought and it is advised to change doors. But if you don’t want to change it, reinforcing the glass is another choice. Installing bars on the inside will prevent burglars from unlocking the door. You can also have these bars stylized to be more decorative.

  1. Other Stuff that you can Do

If your door has everything that we listed, you can do more to improve your home security. Getting a door chain will definitely provide more protection. If your lock fails the chain can be its other layer of protection. Also, if your door has a letterbox installed in it, burglars can use a tactic called ‘fishing’. This is where the burglar uses a long wire and inserting it through the letterbox. You can prevent this by installing a letterbox guard.

Having a security light will also be an improvement for your security. Most of the time, this will deter burglars from targeting your house. They usually love to hide in darkness, masking their figures and faces. Having a bright light that shines from your door will definitely scare them away. Lastly, a security camera is another layer of home security. This is actually a scare tactic as they will not going to risk breaking in while they know a camera is pointed to them

All in all, improving your security is a must to deter break-ins. It is not guaranteed that these security measures will totally dissuade burglars, but having them will give you a good chance of not having to deal with an unwanted intruder. Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland has all of these and more, when you need someone to ramp up your home security, give us a call.


Do I need a Spare Key?

Having a spare key is a must-have for every homeowner. Misplacing, getting your main key stolen, or getting locked out is a headache on its own, but not having a spare will be a horrible experience. Having one will save you time from your day and money from your wallet. Listed below are reasons why you need to have a spare key.

  1. Accidental Lockouts

This situation happens to people all around the world. They are a frustrating and annoying experience to deal with. Having a spare will literally spare you from getting into that situation. A spare key will not only save you from wasting your time and money, but it will also save you from turning an emergency into an awful one. It takes a moment of a distraction for you to be locked out, so plan ahead and have a spare key made.

  1. Broken Key

This is a reason that you can be locked out. Keys may be metal but that doesn’t mean they are unbreakable. The wear and tear that the key will experience overtime will ultimately weaken it. Keys can easily break when used for a long period of time. If you notice your key has small cracks on the shaft, this means that your key is in danger of breaking. You can also know if your key is going to break if it isn’t working as it should be with your locks.

Having a spare and alternately using it with the original key will reduce the damage for both keys. Not exposing them to pressure every day will prolong the longevity of your keys. This will also lead to you not being locked out in the future.

  1. Key Replacements are Quickly Made

To replace a key, the locksmith would need a key for reference or they would disassemble your lock and try to figure out your key. This could happen whenever you lost or break your key. For the betterment of both parties, you and your locksmith, having a spare will speed up the process of getting a replacement.

Not having a spare will force the locksmith to take the lock and figure out the grooves of your key, this will take time and a bit of money as well. Having a spare will be much cheaper and the key cutting process will be quicker, taking only minutes to make

However, it is advised if you lost or have your keys stolen is to replace your locks. You never know who has your old keys. When this happens, Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland can provide this service to you.

  1. Having Multiple People in a House

It is difficult for a household to have multiple people with only one set of keys. I was in a position where I have to wait outside for the person who has the keys to come back home as there was nobody inside. It is problematic for one person to always be there to lock and unlock doors, and sharing it with multiple people will increase the chance of losing the key.

Having a spare will be convenient for everyone, they will be responsible for their key and will not have to depend on the person who has the original key. If you are concerned with privacy or you just want to limit access to other people, you can look into installing master key systems.

In conclusion, having a spare key is the best way for you not to waste money and time. A spare will do wonders for a homeowner with multiple household members, or even just a person living alone. Having a spare key is an easy way to make all things convenient.


Do I need to Hire a Professional Locksmith?

The importance of professional locksmiths is not seen every day. It is a profession as old as locks and keys existed. Whenever you have a broken lock or key, you locked yourself out of your home or you just simply lost your key, locksmiths are there to help you out. Listed below are some of the reasons why you need to hire a professional locksmith.

  1. Trained and Experienced

First and foremost, professional locksmiths are trained and experienced in any type of locksmithing situation. They are trained to handle any problems with locks or keys, and they are experienced as they already encountered numerous complications with locks. They also are equipped with the correct tools needed for them to quickly solve the problem of the customer. The locksmiths of Mobile Locksmiths Northern Ireland are well-trained and well-equipped. We take pride in their ability to provide quality locksmithing service and they deliver it to the highest standard.

  1. Check the Quality of your Home Security

One of the responsibilities of a professional locksmith is to provide security for their customers. They are knowledgeable in all forms of locks and keys and are up to date with new security measures. The locksmiths of our company provide this, they will check and assess the quality of your security and advise you on what you can do more. Either by replacing a lock or other home security measures.

  1. Availability

Being a professional locksmith isn’t an easy job. Problems with locks can happen at any time, and sometimes they happen in emergencies. Imagine that you lost your key and you’re locked outside of your house and you left something important inside. Professional locksmiths, unlike non-professionals, are available when you need them. Give us a call when you are in this type of situation, our locksmiths are prepared for any situation.

  1. Consistent and High-Quality Service

Trust is important when you hire a locksmith. There are numerous locksmiths that operate without proper credentials. They may be cheap, but they can turn a small locksmithing problem into a huge one. They will also be gaining access to places you own, so it is important for you to choose your locksmith wisely. Our locksmiths are prepared to show their credentials, so don’t worry, they will provide quality service that is up to a high standard.

  1. Reputation and Warranty

Even if there are numerous skilled individuals to perform the task, they will never be able to match the warranty provided by a professional locksmith company. Aside from the lock’s actual functionality, the question of who is to blame if someone eventually breaks it can arise. In some unfortunate cases, even if the product is insured, the insurance may not be able to cover the loss due to interferences with the security of the house. So, hiring a professional locksmith is the best thing that you can do.

In summary, if you want your locks to be taken care of, hire a professional locksmith. They are well-trained and well-equipped for any problems with locks or keys. They are also prepared for any situation a customer may be in. If you need a locksmith, contact Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland. Our locksmiths are licensed, insured, and reputable. Need a locksmith? Save our number, 028 9532 0031.


Tips from Locksmiths to Landlords

Being a landlord comes with specific responsibilities, like making sure your property is a safe place for your tenants. Regularly checking for damaged locks and maintenance comes with the job. This article will be your guide for landlords to ensure the safety of their property and tenants.

  1. Routinely check door locks

This is the very first step for every landlord is to secure their rental property. Check your locks if they have been damaged in any way, damaged locks are an invitation for people with ill intent. Do note that before renting your place out you must have bought high-quality locks for your property, they may be expensive but they get the job done. However, if your budget can’t take the price of high locks, purchasing locks that are up to the British Standard can do. These locks are known to be more resistant to common forced entry techniques.

  1. Window locks

Door locks aren’t the only locks you should secure. Treat your window locks as how you treat your door locks, doing this makes it safer for everybody. Keep in mind your windows that are near and accessible on the ground floor, these are the most vulnerable windows of your property. If you’re not sure what window locks to get, contact a locksmith for advise.

  1. Don’t forget other spaces

There are some landlords with extra spaces in their property: garages, sheds, and outbuildings. These are sometimes personal space for the landlord or a place where the tenant can use as well. Same with windows, the amount of attention you give to doors must be replicated for these areas. Usually, these are the first things that burglars try to break in due to the possibility of expensive tools being stashed there (i.e., sheds and garages). If you don’t leave anything expensive in these spaces, you should still secure them.

  1. Change locks when a tenant leaves

It is strongly recommended to change locks whenever you have a new tenant. You never know if your old tenant has copies of your keys. They usually do this when they lost it or share it with someone living with them. This is definitely a security risk, so always change locks whenever a new tenant arrives.

Also, give your new tenant a heads up before changing locks. Make sure you have a copy of the new lock as well.

  1. Do you know your property?

Knowing the layout of your property and understanding the types of doors and windows you have is helpful. Understanding the security aspects of your property will help you to know how to properly maintain it and keep it in tip-top condition.

  1. Have an on-call locksmith

It would be wise if you have a locksmith that you can call anytime, especially in emergencies. There are only a few locksmiths that are available 24/7, so it is important to have one that you could rely on in emergencies. Also, if you’re tenant is locked out and can’t get in touch with you, your preferred locksmith could be the second number they can call. This process will be easier for all parties. However, the locksmith you set must provide a service that is up to a high standard and is someone you can trust.

If you haven’t found that locksmith, look no further. We are Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland, dedicated to providing quality locksmithing services. As the name suggests, we are based in Northern Ireland, our locksmiths are well-trained and well-equipped for any problems our customers may be in. So if you’re in Northern Ireland and need a locksmith, call us and we will be there quickly.


What lock should I get?

Everybody, especially tenants and homeowners should be concerned about the safety of their homes and belongings. Choosing the best locks for your doors is critical for your home security. There are, however, several types of locks to choose from.

It can be difficult to know which type of lock is the best to use. However, locksmiths can provide expert advice on the best type of door locks to use to help protect your home. The door and the lock are inseparably connected. While a strong lock is important, the door must also be sturdy.

There are several different types, but here is our expert opinion on the best locks:

Door Handle Locks. Door handle locks are one of the most widely used locks in the United Kingdom. They can provide a safe locking mechanism when used in combination with alternatives such as deadbolts. Within the house, one of the most common ways to use door handle locks is on an internal door after the front door or a doorway to the garage.

Deadbolts. Heavy-duty locks that are separate from the doorknob or handle are known as deadbolt locks. When the door is latched, the deadbolt is normally placed such that the bolt sticks out of the door and into the wall. This means that the door cannot be opened while the deadbolt is closed. Deadbolts are durable, but they must be installed correctly to be reliable. The deadbolt’s strike plate should also be properly mounted to ensure that the bolt goes all the way through the socket.

Keyed Locks. If you can’t use a deadbolt on your door, a keyed lock may be the better choice. Gliding glass doors and patio doors often have keyed locks. The original locks that come with sliding doors appear to wear out and do not provide the level of security that your home needs. Sliding doors benefit from keyed locks, particularly when they are mounted on both the top and bottom of the door.

Electronic Locks. The electronic lock, which does not require the use of a conventional key, is one of the newest locks on the market. Instead, many electronic locks use a code that can be entered using a key fob, a tablet, or an entry pad. This is a high-tech option that provides enhanced protection for your home. Electronic locks are becoming more common, especially in new homes, because they are more convenient and eliminate the risk of misplacing your keys. Locks that are linked to your phone will provide you with details about who is entering your home and when they are doing so.

Combination Locks. Electronic or mechanical combinations are possible. Mechanical combination locks use either a push button or a twist dial mechanism to operate. A password or pin would usually be needed for digital combination locks, similar to how a phone works.

If you are in need of new locks, don’t hesitate to contact Mobile Locksmith Northern Ireland. Providing locks is one of many services we provide. Our locksmiths are more than capable of doing them as they are well-trained and well-equipped. Give us a call and we will be there quickly.


How much does a Locksmith Cost?

The prices of locksmiths vary greatly from company to company. It depends on their brand, the skills they have, and the tools they are equipped with. Do take note that the conditions of your locks and keys will also determine the price. This article will be your guide on the prices of locksmith services.

  1. Prices
  • To Gain Entry

Before calling a locksmith, use your spare key if you have one with you. You don’t need a locksmith if you’re locked out of your house unless you lost both keys. That means you will need to call a reputable locksmith. The estimated price for a locksmith to access a house in the United Kingdom is about £ 80.00.

That price isn’t fixed, it depends on whether you have a key trapped in a lock, a broken key or you just lost your keys. The price also varies on the structure where the key is located. If you choose to replace the missing keys to a building, and rates will start from £ 90.00.

  • To Change Locks

One reason to change locks is when you lost your keys, there is a chance that it may have fallen into the wrong hands. Changing locks will ultimately be your defense when this situation happens to you. If you moved into a new house or apartment, changing locks is also advised. The former owner or tenant might have the keys to the old locks, which means that there is a good chance that if they want to get in, they can do it whenever they want.

  1. Location

Locksmith Prices aren’t the same for every area. Cities are generally more expensive than rural locations and supply and demand for this skilled job also comes into effect. As an example, a locksmith in Belfast Northern Ireland would be considerably cheaper than a locksmith in London.

  1. The Standard and Brands of Locks

There are different brands of locks and keys, the price of some varies. This will also affect the price if you need a locksmith. There are locks that are safer than others, this usually means that it is more expensive. However, the type of lock you need will depend on your situation. To find out which lock is best for you, talk with your locksmith.

  1. Locksmith Company

As stated above, the price differs from one locksmith company to another. Comparing the rates of different companies will make the difference in paying an economical locksmith versus a pricey one. The reputation and location of the company will greatly affect the price as well, many national firms will double or even triple the price of a typical local locksmith in certain cases.

In summary, it’s important to do your due diligence if you’re looking for locksmith rates or want to know how to get a cheap locksmith. We would recommend attempting to employ someone with a decent reputation that you know is nearby since this would ensure that the work is done properly, and at a reasonable price.

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